When Living Your Reality Affects Your Parenting Duties


I am an advocate for people pursuing their realities; in fact, I enjoy helping people pursue their reality, but recently I asked myself this simple question,“ Should people ever put on hold pursuing their reality?” Instantly, my answer was “NO! OF COURSE NOT!”, but when I  gave it some thought, my answer changed. I realized there is another answer to this question and the answer is YES, there are times when people need to put a hold on pursuing their reality and possibly take a different direction for the time being. When do people need to possibly put living their reality on hold? When living their reality begin to affect their responsibilities as a parent.

When we decide to become parents (planned or not) we willingly or unwillingly said, “I am choosing to share my life with this human being I’ve chosen to  bring into this world”. When we made this choice, it was then we chose to share our lives with our children. When we bring a person into this world, we must be able to do what is best for the child and not for us as individuals. When living your reality takes food away from your child or your reality is causing the lights to be shut off, it is then you need to reevaluate living your reality and consider putting it on hold until you’re able to pay for the light bill and provide your children with food.

The counter argument I usually hear is, “My reality will benefit the children in the long run”…. NO!!! You can’t look at a hungry child and say, “I’ll feed you when my reality takes off”. You have to be willing to place living your reality on hold, for a short time;  not forever, but for a short time and do what is required in the present day. Once you’re back on track and bills are paid, children are fed it is then you’re able to start living your reality and you may want to consider living it part time until your reality shows signs of a promising future that can benefit your children now.

— Just my opinion—Sade Burrell