There’s Purpose In Your Pain

Life can have some tough moments. Life can be unfair and sometimes life can be cruel, but through the entire struggle, it’s the tough times and unfair moments that impact us the most. It was during those moments that we cried our hardest and fought our greatest fight, but did you know that those experiences can help you discover who you are, what your purpose is and why you need to focus on your purpose and not the pain?
One of my favorite quotes says, “It’s not about where you’re from, but where you’re going”. Often, people aren’t interested in what happened to you; they’re more interested to know how you managed to overcome it.  Life is more important than what happened to you, but instead how we can discover your purpose.
I remember when life was so unfair to me. I couldn’t believe how cruel life could be. I became angry and bitter.  I wanted nothing more to do with life because it was unfair, but as a result of being upset with life, I discovered some hidden talents I had.  I allowed the process of my purpose to overshadow the process of my pain. You have to use your pain to discover your purpose because if you allow your pain to suppress your purpose, you’ll never contribute anything to yourself, your family or the world.
If life has been unfair to you allow that to motivate you to pursue your purpose. Never allow pain to stop your purpose because your purpose will always be more purposeful than your pain.
Activity: Write yourself a personal statement that includes your goals, aspirations, and beliefs. After you write your personal statement, read it to yourself every day until you believe what you’re reading.