Live right, do right and you’ll be alright.

Today I was talking to my Pastor and he was preparing me to teach a class for one of our ministries. Some how, I started telling him about how blessed I’ve been since being at his church. I joined Righteous Living Ministries in March of 2014 and since the first day I became a member of the church, I’ve heard the Pastor mention the same thing over and over, “LIVE RIGHT!”. Live right means you’re living a life where you’re not lying, stealing, robbing and hurting people. Live right means you’re dedicating your life and yourself to the Lord. Living right is a way of life; a lifestyle.

Live right, do right and you’ll be alright. My Pastor has taught me how to live right and because I’m now living right, I can do right and when you do right, you’ll be alright. I no longer hold bitterness inside me. I learned how to release my enemies of their trespasses and how to forgive. I’m not living a life of debt. I’m an honest person and most of all, I have a prayer life. All of these examples of living right has allowed me to do right. If you want to do right to others and to yourself you must first live the life of someone who is doing right; otherwise, you’ll mask who you really are–  which is a dishonest person who is a completely different person when others aren’t looking. Live right, do right and you’ll be alright.

Pastor Bowman and his wife Lady Bowman have shown be by example how I should live my life. They’ve helped me mature as a woman, a mother and as a woman in Christ. Righteous Living Ministries has taught me what it means to live by the words we read and study everyday. Overall, I’ve become a better person because of my journey through Christ and I’ve reaped the benefits of living right.