10 Items under $20 Every Parent Needs

Why You NEED These Items Wouldn’t it be nice if someone told you what items you might need before you actually needed the item? Say no more! I’ve created a list of items every single mother should own and I’ve included links to where you can purchase the items. Do you remember the quote, “It’s better to […]

There’s Purpose In Your Pain

Life can have some tough moments. Life can be unfair and sometimes life can be cruel, but through the entire struggle, it’s the tough times and unfair moments that impact us the most. It was during those moments that we cried our hardest and fought our greatest fight, but did you know that those experiences […]

Live right, do right and you’ll be alright.

Today I was talking to my Pastor and he was preparing me to teach a class for one of our ministries. Some how, I started telling him about how blessed I’ve been since being at his church. I joined Righteous Living Ministries in March of 2014 and since the first day I became a member […]

When Living Your Reality Affects Your Parenting Duties

  I am an advocate for people pursuing their realities; in fact, I enjoy helping people pursue their reality, but recently I asked myself this simple question,“ Should people ever put on hold pursuing their reality?” Instantly, my answer was “NO! OF COURSE NOT!”, but when I  gave it some thought, my answer changed. I […]

Part 1: Where is your inner Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali was one of the most arguably greatest boxers of all time. He was faster, stronger and most of all, more confident than his opponents. Muhammad stood for what he believed in and refused to conform to what society wanted him to be. He was loud and he talked too much. He made people […]

Cake: What Are You Reaching For?

A few weeks ago I had a life changing conversation with my Uncle Troy. He gave me advice to help me cope with life and his words made me view life differently. When Uncle Troy said “You’re reaching for crumbs when there’s a cake in front of you”, he was referring to life. So many […]


As a child the word ‘calmness’ was simply a word. It wasn’t a lifestyle my family practiced or something we understood, it was simply a word we viewed as an impossible goal to reach. At times it seemed as if our only sense of calmness was demonstrated to us by actors and actresses in movies. […]

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